How To Play Ludo?

Are You New to Online Ludo or the Rules Just Skipped Your Mind? Here's What You Should Know!

The board game ludo can be played amongst two to four players.

You can either play for free or you can choose the boot amount

Place all the pieces appropriately in their colour pockets

Roll the dice to see who goes first to play the game

After opening your pawn, roll the dice, see the numbers, and move your pawn

When done, pass on the pawn to the next player

Continue to roll and move on the pawns

By landing the same pace of your opponent, you can capture it

The one who reaches the home with all the four pawns will be declared winner of the game

Now that you have the answer to “how to play a ludo board game?” It's time for you to move forward and know the limitations of rules for the same.

Rule No. 1

For every 6 on the dice, you can bring new pawn out for the game or you can simply go ahead with the existing one on the path.

Rule No. 2

While playing Ludo online, you can have one more chance for having 6 twice on the dice. For instance, when you get 6 on the dice, you get one extra chance to roll the dice again. This time if you get 6 again, you again have the chance to roll the dice. You ultimately have three chances to run your pawns. (either the same or differently)

Rule No. 3

Every player is given one chance to roll the dice alternatively unless he gets 6 on the dice. Dice rolled out of turn is considered a foul.

Rule No. 4

Every player has to move pawns towards his home column squares. Moving pawns out of turn or the player's home would not be considered.

Rule No. 5

When a pawn landed on a path already occupied by the pawn of different colour, it has the opportunity to eliminate that different-coloured pawn and send it back to the home area. That player has to get 6 or 1 on the dice to get this pawn back again in the move.

Rule No. 6

The pawn is considered retired when it travels across the squares of the board and reaches the column of the last square and then the arrow of the same colour. The person who retires first is the winner. There can be a maximum of 3 winners in Ludo.

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